Program(s) Available For Residents of Worth County


                                  Iowa Department of Human Services
                                                        Office out of Cerro Gordo Co. - servicing Worth County
           Contact Cerro Gordo @      Phone : 641-424-8641        Fax : 641-424-1759          Email: [email protected]
                                                                    Programs offered:
                                                                                             * Food Assistance 
                                                                                             * Child Care Assistance
                                                                                             * Family Investment Programs
                                                                                             * Medicaid
                                                                                             * Hawki - Medical insurance for children under 19 years of age
                                                   Go to and apply for any of these services plus MORE

PHONE - 1-800-873-1899
Emergency Financial Assistance
Has anyone in your household been laid-off?  Have your work hours been reduced?  Need assistance with rent, mortgage, utilities or other bills?  
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance
Provides supplemental assistance based on several factors. Application can be found at

Worth County Ministerial
 This is the Good Neighbor Fund - contact the Worth County Sheriff Office to make a request.

* Emergency assistance up to $100.00 per time.
Eligibility per person/family 
 Once per year (unless extenuating circumstances)
            *   Gas   - Up to : $20.00 (For Vehicle Use Only)
                                                                                    *    Groceries     Up to $25.00 per person with a maximum of $100.00 
                                                                                                                                 (used to supplement, not replace Manna or other                             food distribution service. 
(No Alcohol or Tobacco Products)

   Meals            Up to $8.00 per meal, per person maximum, can be combined with Motel stay

   Motel            Up to 1 night stay, can be combined with Meal allowance

   Medicine       Up to : $125.00, can be use for medical care

   Utilities          Up to $100.0 (water, heat, electricity, etc.  No cable TV or cell phones)

Travelers in need may receive both Motel and Meal Assistance

                            IOWA FORECLOSURE HOTLINE


Call 877-622-4866 if you are facing foreclosure, or if you can't make payments.     

Call if you are in foreclosure now.  Call if you are seriously behind in payments and are facing default (which can lead to foreclosure.)  Call if you foresee that you won't be able to make future payments.  The earlier you make he call, the more likely the Hotline may be able to assist you.

Free Tax Return Preparation for You by Volunteers


The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (TITA) offers free tax help to low-to moderate-income (generally, $50,000.00 and below) people who cannot prepare their own tax returns.  Certified volunteers sponsored by various organizations receive training to help prepare basic tax returns in communities across the country.  To locate the nearest VITA site call 1-800-906-9887.


Military families and personnel get free tax help!


Manna of Worth County


Manna or Worth County along with the help of local charitable organizations and funds has been able to serve many families.  Manna is located at 94 9th Street North in Northood.  This is the Manna distribution site and food voucher location.  Those seeking assistance should call 641-324-8588.  All requests are confidential.

Worth County Share Shoppe


The Share Shoppe is a non-profit organization that provides household goods and clothing to anyone that needs it.  Donations are requested but not required.  If you have a emergency need and can not wait until normal open hours; call and they will give you access to the building.  More information under Residents - Worth County Share Shoppe.

Thursdays 1 to 4 p.m.  and Saturday 9 a.m. to noon.


appointment (for emergencies, only)

 by calling 641-324-1471

Worth County Transit

The Worth County Transit operates out of the Worth County Public Health office.  For fare information, see our site under Residents - Worth County Transit.  Individuals that can not afford to pay a fee may ride at no charge for a minimal number of times.  Contact 641-324-1741

Crisis Intervention Services                641-424-9133 

The mission of Crisis Intervention Service is to provide persons affected by domestic violence, sexual assault or homicide with professional, confidential, 24-hour services including safety and support and to prevent violence in our communities through education. 

Limited Health Care for people age 19 to 64 and for pregnant women


Iowa Care For Worth County

Community Health Center of Fort Doge

126 North 10th Street

Fort Dodge, IA  50501


What types of medical care are paid by Iowa Care?

  1. Inpatient hospital care whey you are admitted and stay at least one night
  2. Outpatient hospital care when you are seen and are able to go home the same day
  3. Doctor and nursing services at the hospital
  4. Primary care at your assigned Medical Home
  5. Some dental services
  6. Yearly physicals (restrictions apply)
  7. Prenatal care (restrictions apply
  8. Help to quit tobacco (restrictions apply)

IMPORTANT:  Medical providers do not have to offer all of the services on the above list.  IowaCare is a limited benefit program.  It's a good idea to ask about what will be paid for when you call to make an appointment. has a tremendous amount of support information on variable topics.




Worth County Courthouse
1000 Central Ave
Northwood IA 50459
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