Nail Care Clinics

PURPOSE:  To provide accessible, affordable nail care to community residents.


GOALS:  Available to all residents of Worth County who have difficulty with their own nail care due to vision or other difficulties which interfere with regular nail care.


SERVICE:  What to expect at a nail clinic

  1. Register and fee collection
  2. Clean nails and cuticles
  3. Cut or trim toenails
  4. Lotion massage
  5. If the nurse determines that the client has certain foot problems such as:
  •                 Ingrown toenails
  •                 Infection
  •                 Corns or calluses

The nurse will refer the client to their physician or podiatrist for care.   


INFORMATION:  You are asked to soak your feet in warm soapy water for 15 minutes prior to your appointment.


COST:  The charge is $15.00 for toe nail care

                                   $5.00 for fingernail care

                                  $17.00 for toe nail and fingernail. 

                        We also offer a home visit for the fee of $20.00


APPOINTMENTS:  Appointments are required to be scheduled in advance by calling 641-324-1741.


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